Consultant Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures of Siberian Wellness

Definitions and concepts of the document
Code of Ethics for Siberian Wellness Consultant

Rules of cooperation with Siberian Wellness

1. Registration
2. Regulation of spouses business
3. Changing of cooperation terms and the termination of cooperation with the Company
4. Assignment of rights connected with business operations in the Company
5. Double registration
6. Policy of zero activity within unopened markets
7. Terms of cooperation with the Company
8. Providing information on products and possible ways of cooperation with the Company
9. Consultant bonuses and commissions
10. Continuity and stability of organisation
11. Cooperation with other companies
12. Business cards
13. Additional duties of Consultants, registered as Mentors
14. Additional duties of Company Consultants in a Business Team 5000 or higher Ranks
15. Confidentiality terms
16. Sales rules of the Company products
17. Quality assurance of the products. The products return
18. The Company's intellectual property use
19. Promotional and PR activities
20. Rules of conduct in the Company Servicing Centre
21. Sanctions
22. Changing of the Standards and Statement of Policies and Procedures and other Company's documents
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